Monday, June 22, 2015

Teen Wolf is coming!

Hi All!

I am very excited to say that I just found out this morning that Teen Wolf Season 5 is premiering June 29th on MTV!! 

Even now I wonder how I can be so obsessed with this MTV show. It's really a bit awkward but the modern awesome music, inspiring great costumes and riveting, fast paced plot that sucks in your interest like no other cheesy high school wolf tv-series ever has, really makes for a pretty interesting show. 

Not to mention the kick-ass intro! I never fast forward through it, it's awesome. And it's below for your enjoyment, of course :)

Stiles is the best!!! Favorite character for sure. He's hilarious. And of course Dylan O'Brien is amazing as Stiles. I think he is perfect for that Stiles' character. Another thing I love about this show. Every character has a distinct personality. Props to the writers for not having empty characters. 

Some good news for those of you who havn't seen it yet: you're only 4 seasons behind, so you can binge watch like I know you can and get caught up in time for the 29th! Oh and the second episode of the 5th season is suppose to air the 30th, I don't know about how accurate that is though. 


Till next time,

P.S. For a little spoiler article click HERE

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