Saturday, June 20, 2015

Old Friends, New Memories

Hi All!

About a week ago my sweetie and I hosted our first guests at our Florida apartment. Being hosts was exciting in itself, but our good friends coming down from Chicago made the next 5 days so exhilarating and upbeat. It felt like I was reliving Daytona Beach, even though I have lived here for months and my sweetie even longer.

Most days we went to the beach. I absolutely love the low and high tides of Daytona Beach. I also love the flatness of the beach. Cars drive on it every day, except for when high tide comes in. I have become an avid shell collector too. The one below I found on the beach. It's huge! I couldn't believe it! We also found a sand dollar. I feel so lucky living by the ocean, finding shells that I have only ever seen in stores, and experiencing the salt and sand, not to mention being terrified by the sharks... And the water! It is so warm! I never expected such a huge body of water to be so warm by the shore. It's no Lake Michigan! 

 ^^^Photo courtesy of our lovely guests. It was taken during high tide and the waves came up to the "street". You can see the driving signs in the distance. (The cone is there to indicate no parking.)

We also went to Downtown Disney one of the days. I have never been to a Disney park before. Me and my mom made a promise we would go there together for the first time, since she hasn't been there either. But this doesn't count, it wasn't exactly a Disney park. The Florida summer heat is really climbing to a brutal temperature and I felt like passing out. But everything was too exciting, and I might as well get used to it. It was a great day! I turned into a 12 year old, hahaha.

 ^^^Photo courtesy of our lovely guests. HAWKS WIN!!!!

Saying goodbye to them was so much harder than I thought it would be. As soon as they left, I wish they hadn't. The next day I missed them at the beach and at dinner at home. But 4th of July is coming soon and we will all see each other in Chicago!

I love this Jeep commercial! It makes me want to travel cross country :)


Till next time,

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