Thursday, June 18, 2015

Due for an Update

Hi all!

I realized that I have not posted updates on my new college and new life in Florida. Sorry for that! As some of you may know, I left my previous university in Chicago to come to Stetson University this past semester (January 2015). My experience was a great deal better this past semester than the year and a half I spent at Loyola.

The Reason  
I made a huge gutsy jump when I decided to change schools, and I didn't know how important this change was until I got through my first 3 months here. When I was still at Loyola, I felt horribly boxed in, out of options, and completely unmotivated by the lack of departmental help, mediocre grades and an air of superiority most of the professors had to their students (apart from two wonderful professors who I had the pleasure of working with). I started to change my future plans because I didn't feel that I was smart enough to contribute to the world through biology and medicine. And I realized that the problem was not me, I knew I was smart. Was I? Am I? Am I smart enough to do something I would be proud of myself for?

It got to a point where I started to hate my position in life and I just wanted out. So I made the decision in a week, started looking for collages I could transfer to immediately, and then told my parents. Yes, yes, it was a surprise to them and my mommy didn't want me to leave the state but I couldn't be in Chicago anymore. I couldn't live in fear of being shot on my way to the bookstore and of course for the reasons I already said.

Choosing the Right One (Again)
I was surprised when a lot of people asked me why I chose Stetson. I'll tell you guys. It was a complete last minute find. I went home one weekend to get my high school transcripts. When I was there I ran into my counselor and we had a chat. I told him I wanted to transfer. What he said next surprised me. He knew that Loyola was not a good choice for me. Unfortunately, at the time it was my best choice. My  counselor, being always so helpful, gave me a list of schools that he made. These schools were known to have small class sizes, graduates had little loan debt compared to national colleges, and have a high percentage of med-school acceptance. The options that suited me where in New York, California, Texas, and Florida. New York was just another Chicago to me, California too far away, Texas too close to the border with crime rates like Chicago, so Florida was left. And the only good science school in Florida was Stetson University.

Making Stetson My Home
It wasn't too hard for me to start to love my new campus. It was wide open with lots of green. Lot's of palm trees, outdoor seating, and warm air. The biology and chemistry program and department were incredible too. I hadn't realize the wonderful environment I had transfered into until my first semester there was over. By the end of 3 months I knew the whole chemistry department, the biology department knew me for my good grades, and I set up a research project that will be ongoing for my remaining two years at Stetson. I also found after I was already there that Stetson's science program is top 10 in the nation. My point here is this: I found more opportunities and I found so much hope for the future in these 3 months than the 3 semesters at Loyola. I started to dream about my possibilities in life. It's a wonderful feeling. At the end of the semester I knew for certain that I could do IT. I could survive college because I'm not stupid. At Loyola my science GPA was 2.8 and an overall of 3.4. Now, thanks to the wonderful biology and chemistry Stetson professors, my science GPA is 3.9. I really needed that number as proof. Now I can dream. I can be anything I want. But most importantly, I can finally be someone who I WANT to be. And that's a feeling everyone deserves.

^^^The Fountain at my school in front of one of the oldest buildings on campus from the 1800's.

Well if you are still here, I thank you for reading and hopefully my story helped some of you. If you have any questions about the process I'd be glad to help out. Thanks for reading!

Till next time,

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