Sunday, January 4, 2015

Clinic Day 4: Selflessness

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Dominican Republic trip Day 8!

Wow I can't believe I'm ending day 8 already. It still feels unreal that I'm here and that I'm doing what I'm doing. It's surprising how I already feel completely comfterable with my living situation here, as if I've been living this way my whole life. It feels totally normal to be living with 12 other girls in one apartment and falling asleep with all the noise of the city. It's amazing how quickly someone can adjust to their situation.

Today we had another clinic day. I do not recall what city we were in today but it wasn't far at all. I worked in the vitals station again but his time I was measuring blood glucose levels. There was this one woman who was my favorite. She was in her mid-thirties and when I explained to her in my best broken Spanish what I was going to do she started laughing nervously and kept taking her hand and giving it back. She has never had her blood-glucose measured! At one point she, still laughing hysterically, took grab of my leg gently and said she was so scared. The translator and my other glucose partner were native speakers and they reassured her. She finally let herself be calm enough for me to prick her fingure with the little retractable machine we have, and she admited it wasn't bad at all. She really made me smile and laugh today. It was fun because of humorous people like her. 

There was also a very sweet middle aged man  who came in towards the end of the clinic. He didn't come in last. I took his blood glucose levels and directed him to the doctor. After there were no more people, my station closed and cleaned up after 20 minutes. We joined the doctors and the pharmacy in the next room. As I sat down next to the doctor I like to shadow for some more experience, I notice  him still siting waiting for his consultation.

When a doctor was free he walked up but was sent back because there were kids that had numbers before him that he didn't realize. So he went back and sat waiting in the little school room chair. He then gave up his spot next in line to a middle aged woman who had coughing fits. And he was the last one left waiting. I couldn't beleive it. This guy must have been there over an hour whereas most onl wait for at most a half hour.  When my doctor came back from checking something she took him to examine. Just as she was writing out the prescription, the the last of the medication that he needed was given to the woman he let go in front of him. He was clearly upset and I was too. 

Now some of you might think that this was his own fault. That he should have been more firm. 

These people are incredibly nice and selfless. This was just a greatly unfortunate situation. Again, I really wish I could have done more for him. It was just one bottle more I wish I would have magically had so I could give it to him. 

That's the worst part about clinic days. We only have a designated amount of medications per clinic day. Every single time we run out of the medications most of the patients need. We couldn't account for which medications those are each time. It changes. And it breaks my heart every time someone is sent home without the medication to help them be healthy. 

Tomorrow we have a free day. We are probobly going to plan our education day and hopefully horseback ride!!!!

I would love to know what you think about my trip and my opinions.

Till next time, 

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