Saturday, December 27, 2014

We're not in Kansas Anymore

Hi everyone! The title I used for this post I actually found myself thinking while driving through La Vega, nestled between two fellow travel friends. 

I am in the Dominican Republic! 12 of us Volunteers Around the World girls travelled from Newark to Santiago last night, a bearable 4 hour red-eye flight . I will never forget how that old huge taxi struggled climbing uphill for an hour as we snaked in between vegetation rich verticle hills. 

And when we finally got to the apartments, they were much more than I was expecting to get!  Shiny glass tile floors and new wooden beds with fresh patterned sheets. A hotel couldn't do better! 

Here is a view from the apartment walkway. I apologize for the quality, my phone is pretty old. 

You can see the mountains in the background there!

The air here smells so rich! Not in the way a city smells, even though we are in the center of one, it smells of green things. Palm trees, shrubs, flowers, waterfalls. And not like back at home. The nature here looks like it's taking over the city. It's so comforting.

I hope everyone had a good holiday so far! I'll post more of my adventures soon.

Till next time!

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