Thursday, December 18, 2014

The End of a Chapter

Hey everyone! So much has been happening these past few days, one post doesn't seem like it would be enough for everything.

I finished my last final exam at Loyola this Tuesday! Joe (my boyfriend) helped me move out of my apartment that same day and I must say it made me tear up. Seeing my room completely empty, where just 3 hours ago I woke up for my last final, was more emotional than I expected it to be. Throughout the whole day I realized everything that I did that day would be the last time I did it. Last time I watched Grey's Anatomy on my roommate's TV. Last time I washed the dishes in our sink. Last time I had dinner at the dining hall with my roommate. Last time I studied in my favorite Harry Potter room at the library. But then I also remembered my future at Stetson and I got excited again. It was the definition of "roller-coaster of emotion" that day. I will miss my view of the Lake Michigan out of my bedroom window, the shouts of college party-goers at 4 in the morning down Loyola Ave fighting the polar vortex, and of course STAR GRILL...which is the best and worst thing ever. So I braved the 30 degree cold and took a fair well picture with the famous Los Lobos statue.

Goodbye Los Lobos, Goodbye Ramblers, Goodbye Loyola! 

When we finally got home after battling a flat tire for 2 hours, the rim was rusted on like no other, I opened the packages that came in for me. It was like early Christmas! The first package was an Ipsy bag for December. I'll post that soon. The other package was my much anticipated book by Zoella, Girl Online! Yes, this is a young adult novel, yes the age range is 14-17, and yes I am 20 years old...but it's a great book. It's a nice change from my organic chemistry textbook.

Yesterday my boyfriend Joe and I were invited to be on a college panel at the high school we both graduated from. Throughout the day I started to realize things about myself, life, college, and planning. The kids in all the different classes asked really difficult questions that made me contemplate all of those things.

One of the most popular asked questions was "Why did you decide to transfer out of Loyola?". A lot of people have heard about Loyola and they wondered why in the world I would leave such a paradise. This is one questions that I didn't have to contemplate the answer to. I have been thinking about this for about a year now. Here is a complete list for y'all:
  1. The acceptance rate- when I was started a year and a half ago the acceptance rate was around 60%. Now it is 91%. This influences a lot of things. Loyola is in a city suburb so there is little space for expansion. So there is less room for incoming freshman housing. This has not impacted me but many people are stressing about where to live. Also, with more students, there need to be more classes and more teachers. Loyola is behind on that. People aren't getting classes they need for their major. Some very unfortunate souls will even have to stay extra time after the usual 4 years to complete their degree. 
  2. Little opportunity in the biology department- Loyola has a medical school but it is in Maywood so undergrads who are at the lakeshore campus have it really hard commuting there for research and job opportunities. Other universities have their hospitals and professional schools right next to their undergrads and that gives undergrads a mountain of opportunities like internships, research and jobs. NONE of the science professors that I have had do research. In fact, only now Loyola is forming a research panel. I know this because my genetics professor is one of the people forming it. 
  3. The professors are brilliant in their subjects but they are horrible teachers- this is obviously a problem and the students just have to suck it up and deal with it in whatever way they can
  4. The little amount of professors- this is a problem because class sizes are bigger with little personal attention. With a growing acceptance rate, professors teach more sections and become less personal. 
  5. Money- both Loyola and Stetson are private schools and cost the same, Stetson gave me a much higher scholarship than Loyola did, and that's what sealed the deal!
I don't know what it is with the chemistry and biology department, but compared to the literature, philosophy and theology professors, the science professors seem like they could care less just as long as half the class is passing. Loyola really excels at teaching the humanities and I have become a better person thanks to those professors. But I am done with the humanities now and it's time for me to get the best opportunities for my major and my future in medicine. Stetson's biology program, reportedly, is one of the top 5 science programs in the nation. 

I'm ready to make that jump. If there is one thing that frustrates me the most, it's inaction. I have a constant fear that time is against me. I know it's a precious thing and I couldn't bare thinking how I'm wasting it at Loyola. I will be forever grateful that I had enough bravery to do this.

I wish all of those juniors and seniors in high school the best of luck with their college pursuit and applications. Just remember that it is your life and you can do whatever you want with it. 


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