Sunday, December 28, 2014

Heat, Natives, Mountains

Hi everyone! Welcome to The Dominican Republic trip day 2!

Last night I fell asleep afraid that I'd sleep through my alarm. That concern shouldn't even have crossed my mind. The second the sun rose, roosters (many of them!) started their cries. Then the dogs started calling out to each other across the city and finally a bit later the motorcycles started zooming every few seconds. Guys, those things make so much noise when they climb up the hill our apartment is on. The windows in the apartment aren't seeled at all. So anything can come in. Anything from lizards (we found one yesterday on our wall!) to the noise of Jarabacoa.

It's always so lively here and happy! People just chilling on the streets. Cars and SUV's with huge speakers in their back seat blaring Spanish dance music. Everyone is so social here. Chicago and Jarabacoa are both city centers but Chicago people are so cold, antisocial and stressed compared to Jarabacoa people. I don't know how to even compare the two fairly.

We go out for ours meals to restaurants that are prepaid and so for breakfast we went to this little outdoor restaurant. Very little eating places here are indoors, at least from what I have noticed. There aren't walls so I just ate my breakfast and stared out into the street. The breakfasts here are nice. They don't make you feel burdened like how some food does. I am absolutely giddy that I get to eat papaya for breakfast every morning. It's delicious!

Today we drove out to the mountains and some of us went paragliding. We were parked in the van for about 5 hours in the heat. I didn't mind the heat, but I did mind the wait. Since it wasn't safe for us to leave our guide we couldn't go anywhere or explore. So we sat...and waited for each little group of us to drive up the mountain and fly down. 

At the end the clouds decended and engulfed the mountain. And that's when that little activity ended. But it was beautiful watching the clouds roll in, and interesting watching the woman and her 2 kids tend to the house and play throughout the day. It's great that the groups that did go could experience it. It was really heartwarming seeing them share their stories about flying down from the mountain and the really funny guides! Even though I didn't do anything, I watched the locals and the landscape. That's what made today a valuable experience. You never know what you're gonna get out of a day! 

Until tomorrow!

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