Friday, December 19, 2014

Girl Online

Yes, this is a young adult novel, yes the age range is 14-17, and yes I am 20 years old...but it's a great book. The reading is really easy but the characters are really relatable . There is anxiety, love, and characters trying to get through life. Just like any other human being. The writing is clear and sometimes that's all we need. As I started reading it, there were problems that everyone faces and I have faced too, but having it written so simply and allowing myself to analyze the character's emotions helps me understand people going through these problems and helps me know myself and my reactions to these problems. Online, Zoella's followers have given her much hate for having the book ghostwritten. I think the internet makes interacting with people really impersonal and people forget that they are talking to a real person with real feelings. I have thought about how to respond to this for about two weeks now and let me address this quickly and concisely:
  1. Zoella is not a writer by trade. She wanted to make her first book worthy of reading for her loyal followers so she got help just like a lot of people do for their first times. She is not an expert on grammar and story structure. She does not have a degree in literature like editors do.
  2. Every piece of plot and all the characters are hers.
  3. She approved the book to be published, meaning the portrayal of everything in the book is to her liking and preference and exactly what she wants her audience to read.
I don't understand why people are questioning her character so harshly. People need to understand that there are 6 million people all over the world following her every story and that kind of volume of followers is a big burden just as much as it is a big joy. A huge mass of people judging her is more anxiety and bullying than anyone could experience in their lifetime. If you don't like her videos or blog, don't watch it and don't read it. If you don't like the book because it's ghostwritten, return it. It's that simple. Don't ruin her day. Most importantly, people need to never forget that Zoe Sugg is a HUMAN. She is not a character to be judged on a tv show or movie. She is a real person who is opening up to the world and letting the people know her. Just like any other person in the world, she deserves respect. 

Personally, knowing that I took away someone's happiness, a precious precious thing, makes me feel really guilty. I know I have no right to do that and I try not to do that. So I don't understand people who are so hateful on the internet. 

I know this is a huge thing on the web. What do you guys think? Am I wrong in this?


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